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Searchable Course Schedule

Using the search screen, you can locate courses by term, subject, faculty member, time or place, keyword, location, or course level.

2014-2015 GTU Course Schedule (PDF)

For the most current course information, please use the "Searchable Course Schedule" link above. The information contained in this PDF is current only as of March 24, 2014 and has not been updated.

To view the Course Schedule for CDSP please click here:

2014-15 Registration Information and Instructions


A User ID and password are required to access WebAdvisor. Please contact your school's registrar if you have not already received one.

If you have forgotten your user ID or password, please go to your school's WebAdvisor Home Page and click on the "What's My Password" link on the lower right of the page.

If you are using a Windows PC, access to WebAdvisor is available with Internet Explorer (versions 6.0 through 8.0) and Firefox (versions 2.X through 3.6.X). If you are using a Mac, access to WebAdvisor is available with Safari (versions 2.X through 4.0) and Firefox (versions 2.X through 3.6.X).

WebAdvisor access for students, faculty and staff is by school:
ABSW WebAdvisor
DSPT WebAdvisor
GTU WebAdvisor
JST-SCU WebAdvisor
PLTS WebAdvisor
PSR WebAdvisor
SFTS WebAdvisor
SKSM WebAdvisor


For reporting other Colleague information via the web (e.g. student or faculty information, and the consortial directory), you can access WebWizard here. A separate login and password is required. If you need assistance with WebWizard, please contact us via email or call 510/849-8204.

Please Note: While all financial reports are working correctly, the student reports (i.e. demographics, registration, etc.) are not currently available. We will update this page when everything is back online. Thank you for your patience! (4/9/12).